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Celebrated Hero in ‘Zeitoun’ Book Faces Murder Charges in New Orleans –

This is so sad. Zeitoun was a book I loved reading earlier this year and raved about to everyone.

Unfortunately, Mr Zeitoun hasn’t shown the same strength of character and goodness he displayed earlier in life and during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. His ex-wife, Kathy Zeitoun, says that while the Zeitoun family life portrayed in Dave Eggers’ book was accurate, in the last few years Abdulrahman Zeitoun has become violent, angry and “radicalised” as a Muslim.

My flatmate and me are really disappointed – the world needs more heroes. But we both feel we shouldn’t judge. We didn’t go through what Abdulrahman Zeitoun went through in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

And people do change, even people who shown heroism and courage, often for the worse. I remember thinking what a cool sort Lance Armstrong was after reading It’s Not About the Bike. But in later books he came across as arrogant and full of himself.

Our heroes also have clay-feet. Martin Luther-King, for all of courage and principle (and clear Christian faith) was a womaniser. My prayers are with Kathy Zeitoun and her children. And I hope Abdulrahman Zeitoun finds the path of righteousness and integrity again.