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Working at McDonalds taught this person empathy

Form Stuff: I thought working at McDonald’s was beneath me, but I was wrong.


Brief review of Jon Gordon, ‘The Seed: Finding Purpose and Happiness in Life and Work’

This is not a full review. Instead, it’s some thoughts on Jon Gordan’s The Seed: Finding Purpose and Happiness in Life and Work. You can find an excellent full review here at Goodreads (*Warning: Spoiler Alert*).

I found this an endearing and good-hearted business fable.

One lesson in The Seed has resonated with me. The main character learns that he won’t find his purpose in life by going around and looking for it. Rather, he finds it by planting himself where he is, serving others, and investing what he does now with purpose. By doing this, the main character’s purpose finds him. At this point in my life, this has been an encouraging lesson.

The Seed isn’t going to win any prizes as a great piece of literature. In places, it’s saccharine and cheesy, but I feel it’s heart is in the right place. This may not be a book for you if you cannot sympathise with the Evangelical theology of Rick Warren’s Purpose-Driven Life (Jon Gordon tells his story of becoming a Christian here).

One aspect of the book that raised big questions for me is that its story promotes the idea that God regularly gives us “signs” to guide us and we should regularly look for them. I am not sure this is inherently healthy for anyone. I know many people where this idea has led to superstition and poor choices.

Writing as a believer in God, I believe that God can give us signs now and then, which give us assurance or guidance about a momentous decision, or a direction we should take in life. But when I read the book of Proverbs or Torah or epistle of James, I see that God is much more concerned with us developing the ability to make wise decisions for ourselves. Rather, than seeking signs, genuine faith seeks and cultivates the wisdom needed to make good decisions.