Two recent posts to encourage Christians, and men and women, to read fiction

This post at The Art of Manliness argues men need to read more fiction. “It’s through reading that we gain new perspectives and learn more about ourselves and the world around us.”

Jonathan Gottschall argues at that fiction is good for us (and he cites research to support this claim) because “virtually all storytelling, regardless of genre, increases society’s fund of empathy and reinforces an ethic of decency that is deeper than politics.”

Even Evangelicals are encouraging believers to read fiction. The very conservative Calvinist blogger Tim Challies has this interview with the equally conservative Calvinist Russell Moore. Unsurprisingly, Moore tells us what we shouldn’t read – no Fifty Shades of Grey.

At The Gospel Coalition, Leland Ryken, the literature professor from Wheaton College, is leading readers through Albert Camus’ The Stranger. It significant that more conservative Evangelicals are saying the same things as more liberal ones about the value of reading fiction.

Do you agree with Moore, however, that certain books should be off-limits?

HT: Justin Taylor and Scot McKnight


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